Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't be to serious about life, nobody get's out alive anyway- Todays outfit!

Todays outfit:

Sorry about the bad picture quality in some of the pictures- But blogger won't cooperate with me tonight, so it's just going to be a quick post.
Today I wore a dress (which is pretty much a tanktop and a blue skirt) and a cardigan with patches on the sleeves, and then my (loved) dark blue Converse.
Nighty nighty!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

In that velvet night!

I'm going watching Californiacation with my family in a minute, but I thought about uploading todays first!

Watch: Swatch (Summer lady collection).
Jumpsuit: Very by Vero moda

So here it is.

Enjoy the saturday evening, it won't last forever.


Blog under reconstruction

For the next while my blog will be under reconstruction, so the next time you visit my blog, it may look very different.
Sorry about the silence, trying to keep up on the fashion posts.
Now I will go take some pictures for the reconstruction!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm back from Thailand now, and I should write and apology for not blogging in a month, but jetlag is all over me!
I'm going to make some posts the next couple of weeks about what I bought in Thailand, but right now I'm going to sleep... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Love <3.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beauty new ins!

Not a lot, but quite nice and luxus...

1. Eyemask from The Body Shop.
With this mask you almost creates a home spa. It really helps and if you put it on the last 10 min of your sleep, then you would 100% be awake all day! :-)
65 Dkk- 12.5 $

2. Mini brush-kit from The Body Shop.
This is an amazing mini-kit with soft and good quality brushes. They fit right in to my makeup!
They were on sale.
80 Dkk/ 15 $

I'm traveling to Thailand on Saturday<3


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fashion founds in the basement (shoes)

I'm back again on the blog... Finally!
I went down to the basement and guess what I found... S. H. O. E. S!
And the nice ones of the kind!

Dr. Martens (black)

2. Vedges from Vagabond.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY: How to wash your brushes for less than 8,00 $

Hey everybody!
Thought about the project: I care a lot about makeup and cleansing my face.
So I figured out that your brushes have to be cleansed so that you don't aply your old eyeshadow everytime.
I figured this out by searching around on the internet, that there are more methods to wash your brushes, then a brushcleanser for 35,00 $.

1. Find a good baby shampoo or just a regular gentle shampoo. I recommend using a neutral shampoo (parabene and perfume free) that's why a baby shampoo is perfect for this. It shouldn't cost more than 8,00 $ or less. Ps. One bottle is almost enough for cleansing your brushes one a week in a whole year.

2. Apply the needed amount of baby shampoo (or regular shampoo) in your hand. The bigger brush, the more shampoo you need. Ps. Your hans must be dry when you apply the shampoo.

3. Gently turn the brush around in your hans until the old eyeshadow will stick to the shampoo in your hand. Ps. BE GENTLE!

4. See how much old eyeshadow it picked up? It's amazing stuff.

5. Wash the shampoo of and gently squeeze the shampoo out.

6. Let it dry on a dry towel. Ps. You can use the towel to squeeze the water out before you let it dry.

7. Then you're done. Do this a night before you need the brushes and let it dry over the night. Remeber to do this at least once a week to make sure that your brushes are clean.

Update: I'm off from school today, so I'm just home running some errands and waiting to have guests for "Sankt hans aften."
I'll make an update about my outfit, makeup and stuff tonight and since I'm borred then I'll probably also blog some more today! So stay tunned for the newest updates.

Just an awesome song I'm listening a lot to at the moment.
It's; Mad world by Gary Jules.

Se you guys soon.

xxx The Fashion Mirror

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not my giveaway, but somebody elses! Nice price.

Hey people.
This danish blog made a giveaway that gives you the oppertunity to win a silver depend and an unknown colored Essie nailpolish!
I know some of you might hate those blogposts, but I've discovered a lot of blogs (including this one) by the blogposts. So I hope that you will check this blog out! :-)
I'll make some more blogposts later tonight!

Bye, bye so far!

xxx Copenhagen Fashion