Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beauty new ins!

Not a lot, but quite nice and luxus...

1. Eyemask from The Body Shop.
With this mask you almost creates a home spa. It really helps and if you put it on the last 10 min of your sleep, then you would 100% be awake all day! :-)
65 Dkk- 12.5 $

2. Mini brush-kit from The Body Shop.
This is an amazing mini-kit with soft and good quality brushes. They fit right in to my makeup!
They were on sale.
80 Dkk/ 15 $

I'm traveling to Thailand on Saturday<3


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  1. virkelig fed blog, som jeg helt klart kommer til at se mere til!
    kunne være rigtig fedt hvis du gad at tjekke min blog ud, og måske blive fast læser:)