Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey guys.
I feel so inspired by those lovely song, at the moment. They inspires me to be wild, creative and to do something spontaneous.

So here is some of my favorite songs:

Avril Lavigne- What The Hell
This song makes me want to do something crazy and spontaneous.

Taylor Swift- Never Grow Up
This song make me want to go back to my childhood and never grow up. This makes me wish that I enjoyed my childhood, more than I did. One of my abseloute favorite songs.

Rihana ft. David Guetta- Who's that chick
The text is not great or anything like that, but i love the colors in the music video (day version). And the beat? Gotta love it.

Gary Jules- Mad World
!I LOVE IT! This song is so beautiful and sad at the same time. Well if you don't know the song yet...THEN HEAR IT. I know it's not like the newest pop or anything? But honesty? I really don't care.

Christina Aguilera- Something's Got A Hold On Me
Beautiful woman, beautiful voice and a beautiful song. Love it.

Taylor Swift- Back To December
This makes me remember that you sometimes have to swallow your pride. Love it.

Cee Lo Green- Fuck You
Well...This song makes me happy. I hate the censored version of this song Ce Lo Green- Forget You.

And that was all for now.
Sleep tight! :-)

xoxo Copenhagen Fashion


  1. fed blog du har:D

    vær sød at tjek min blog ud når du har tid...
    jeg er blevet fast læser på din nu:D

  2. Jeg skal nok tjekke din blog ud! :D
    Tak det betyder enormt meget for mig at folk kan li min blog.
    Tak fordi du gad at være fast læser! :)

    xoxo Copenhagen Fashion

  3. fin blog :-)

    fifteen and fashion: