Monday, April 4, 2011

Outfit of the day and Quick update- 4/4- 11

I don't know if you remember, but a along time ago I made a vote about, what my next post should be about- And the answer was outfit of the day! :)
-So I hope you guys enjoy it, and you're as usually more than welcome to leave a comment or to write an idea for a new post! :-)

So this was what I wore today, not that special or colored, but I wasn't in the mood for many colors.
This is actually some of the things in my closet, that I use the most. That includes the Jeggins and the Blazer.

Jeggins= Abercrombie and Fitch.
Tanktop- White and basic= H&M Basics
Top with pattern= Miss Sixty
Blazer= Only Basics.
Necklace- Ribbon= Pieces Accessories.

So i ordered the Makeup from "Nilens Jord" And it should arrive on Thursday or Friday.
I ordered a little brush and a Mascara- maybe I'll order more.

Have a great week, well I'll with one of my best friends' birtday on friday- I love it<3

xoxo Copenhagen Fashion


  1. fed blog du har...
    jeg er blevet fast læser.

    min blog hedder
    tag et kig forbi hvis du har lyst!:D

  2. nice blazer.. <3
    -og jeg elsker din halskæde :)

  3. Tak piger, hvor er i søde! :)
    Skal nok tjekke jeres blogs ud...

    xxx Copenhagen Fashion