Sunday, June 5, 2011

Down by the river and by the botes

Down by the riverside<3
Almost everybody know the song "riverside" cause it is such an amazing song.
Just putted it a link to it in case, you don't know the song! I will put a link below!
Agnes Obel- Riverside

Enough of Agnes let's get to the fashion case; You see, I went to Urban Outfitters and found those gorgeous things, which I considered to buy, so I want you to help me about the; Go or No Go part?

This is actually meant to be a sunglasscase for Aviators, since I really desire Aviators and wanted them for such a loooong time, and I'm nowhere near to be able to afford them, then I could by the suitcase that could be a start right?
65 Dkk

I just love this tubetop and with the perfect pair of shorts then I'm heading for Thailand very soon<3

This is the one! This is the bracelet/ ring which I have considered to buy the most! I love that it is a combianation and it's just perfect to give a bit of an rock edge to  simple outfit<3 Go or no go? Cause I say go, go, go!
110 Dkk

This dress just screams summer, there's nothing else to say :)
400 Dkk

I kinda like this ring, cause it dosen't look like anything you've ever seen before? Right?
65 Dkk

I'd prefer it in silver but the bracelet is gorgeous!
100 Dkk

I need a new wallet and this could defineatly be an alternative? Go or No Go?
185 Dkk 

This one kinda reminds me of a having a tatoo! But this is way cheaper and less painfull! :D
210 Dkk

A twisted toering. yes I could see myself wearing this one and my white dotted bikini on the beach in Thailand!
84 Dkk

All of the pictures and the stuff is taken from Urban Outfitters official site. I will put a link below!
Urban Outfitters official site

Btw. The weather is amazing in Copenhagen, almost 25 degreeds! So I'm justgoing around and enjoying the sun and all the amazing summerfashion.
Agnes Obel FTW!

xxx Copenhagen Fashion<3.

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