Monday, June 20, 2011

If you get what I get, what would you say?

Song: This lyric is taken from the cool song/rap by; Lil wayne, Busta Rhymesa and Chris Brown!
Have you heard the quick rap Busta Rhymes makes in the end? Damn, you see that's how rap should be.
You can hear the awesome song here!

Fashion: So I went doing some quick shopping with my friends; Maggie and Lisa. We went to Cheap Monday and they had this huge sale with almost 50 % on a lot of stuff! :-)
I bought this new t-shirt on sale with 50% on; From 150 Dkk- 75 Dkk! Really cheap!
It's nothing special just a basic t-shirt with print! :-)

T-shirt: Cheap Monday (50% on sale)
Pants: Pieces

Btw. Have you guys checked my friend Carlas blog out? She writes in danish and she has a very nice style!
You can check her blog out here! <3
My summerholiday is starting in 4 days, I'm counting down!
Not much else to write!

xxx Copenhagen Fashion

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